Dismantling Christmas

I took a day off of blogging for the holiday and what a full day it was. The kids got more than they needed for Christmas as usual - I really need to stop getting up at 3:30AM the day after Thanksgiving and hitting the stores for bargains. The big gift this year came from my parents - the Wii. The Wii is pretty cool since you actually have to stand up and move around to play games. It's perfect for the rainy fall/winter we have been having. By the time the yard dries out from the last storm, it rains again.

The yard dried out today and I took the opportunity to take down all of the big Christmas decorations outside. I only left up the icicle lights - they are very easy to take down and I'll do that New Years Day. It is raining again now and it will rain all day Friday. We might have the first snow next week.

Wal-mart had another huge sale today - all of the special Christmas gifts were 50% off. So, why are they so generous? They are taking advantage of all the people who are returning those special Christmas gifts that they did not like. Wal-mart cuts 50% off the price. You don't have a receipt. Wal-mart gives you back only half of what your last minute shopping friend/relative/boss paid for it. The margin is so good that they make money twice - off the original buyer and again when it sells for 50% off. A very nice racket, eh?

So, more work tomorrow and Friday and then another 4 day weekend! Yeah! I'm also working on another Blogger theme to countdown to the New Year that I will hopefully start tomorrow.