Yes, I am still stirring!

11 days ago I had the crazy and random idea that I should force myself to write here on each of the 12 days leading up until Christmas. Instead of forcing myself, I found myself looking forward to writing each day. It is a nice escape from work and a reminder that work is not the only outlet I have. Writing here has helped me put my personal goals back in perspective - these are goals that are outside of the family life which is, of course, my number one goal. There has to be a little piece of the pie divided out for just you and I have really lost that in the last year - until the last couple of weeks.
I grew up wanting to be a writer - took a huge curveball off the course by majoring in education - and have ended up being paid to be a writer of sorts - technical writing. This is my first step toward having a more creative outlet and for that I am thankful.

Thanks to the inspiration of I got the what might seem crazy idea to stream our Christmas Eve gift giving family event on the web. I got to utilize the webcam on my new laptop and got to brush up on my horrible HTML skills at In my defense - I haven't written anything involving HTML since 1997! Cookie cutter web editors have spoiled us!

Our web cam was seen by many people (we had over 600 hits today!). Via the tracking on camstreams and the sitetracker on this blog and the cam page, we saw visits from all over the US and Canada and also the United Kingdom, Finland, and Germany!!
Here are a couple of still frames I captured:

I think a good time was had by all. My wife's family always opens gifts on Christmas Eve while my parents come for Christmas Day. My kids are blessed - the get gifts Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning from Santa, and Christmas before lunch from my folks.

Did I get what I wanted? YES. I got seasons 3 and 4 of Corner Gas (, which is my favorite show. I also got 2 Corner Gas t-shirts. I'm nicely outfitted and owned by the marketing ploys of CTV.

More than that, we are very fortunate to be close to family and to have made through a crazy year (flip back through the archives to see some of the ups and downs). We are truly blessed and I want to wish each of you who somehow stumble upon this page a very Merry Christmas!