Catching up: The Home Office

It's that time of the year for spring cleaning. I'm not sure how we do it, but every spring I feel I empty enough junk out of the house to start my own thrift store. Then, I feel pretty good while the junk slowly builds back up. I tell myself that we're not buying junk and yet it slowly finds its way in.
This year, I'm going to document the spring cleaning process for the world to see so:
A) Hopefully someone else will see this and also want to take the plunge into having less crap
B) I will embarass myself to the point of getting rid of stuff that I know I have absolutely no need for.

I'm starting with something simple. I work at home and I finally have a pretty decent workspace. We have a fairly small home and I do work in the corner of the master bedroom. (Having a smaller home makes it very important to eliminate as much clutter and crap as possible!)

Here's the office corner on 12/17/2007. The desk was a $70 Office Max special which has more desktop space than a typical cheapie computer desk. I'm not sure how I worked for so many years on just a laptop screen shuffling windows back and forth. Andrew sold me on the 17" flat panel and I've been spoiled ever since. One thing that was missing was more bulletin boards!

Wal-mart had really small bulletin board for $4.00. I could not find these anywhere else around here.

Voila! The office this past week. Now with tons of bulletin board space for tacking up all of the calendars, memos, and really bad jokes that I print out. Plus, I added a $12 WalMart floor lamp which helped me eliminate the desk lamp, giving me more workspace.