The disclaimer first - the internet at the hotel last night was unbelievably slow. It was so slow that it gave me flashbacks to AOL in 1994. Needless to say, I shut off the computer and gave up. With Hampton, it's always a crapshoot - you just never know. Tonight, all is good at this Hampton, by the airport, in Savannah. Even the stairs are carpeted here. Very nice.
This trip has been all about driving. I have been to each end and side of the state in just two days. There are not many interstates here so I did a fair share of backroads country driving.
Yesterday, I drove from Columbus to Valdosta and passed through Plains - home of former President Jimmy Carter.
I was 30 minutes too late to get in here.

On I-75, I saw this nice peanut tribute.

The state flower here is the billboard. I-75 in south Georgia is one of the ugliest stretches of interstate you will ever see. Mile after mile of billboards. Horrible.

I got done at a decent time tonight and drove over to Tybee Island for some beach time. I got to the Lighthouse at 5:20 and the wonderful government official told me he was closing as soon as I drove in even though they are supposed to be open until 5:30. What a moron. I still stood there and got my picture and I gave him the polite advice to get his watch fixed.

The ocean is always wonderful. I have now been to the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico this year. It was a little hot (car temperature showed 97 degrees), but worth it.

I walked around for about an hour. This place is really for condo renters - no restaurants on the beach - not much to do here. Also, no place to shower the sand off of your feet. How odd.

It never fails - there is always a goober in jeans on the beach. Here are two!
One final picture and I was off to eat some fine island dining - I ended up at Arby's. I'm cheap and tired.

On the road back to the hotel.

Tomorrow I drive 2 hours to Macon to do one last printer upgrade and then I make the 6 hour drive back to the house.