But I STILL love technology.....Always and forever

Today I was going through tons and tons of computer equipment that will need to find new homes since my building is going "bye bye" soon and I started to think about how much everything has changed since I was playing Pac-Mac on the old Atari VCS.

We have technology today that I couldn't even imagine when I was a kid.
You'd think I would be designing the next Space Shuttle or curing cancer, but nope - I do mundane stuff like this all day....
  1. I poke people. Virtually.
  2. I throw sheep at people. Last year I threw the Golden Girls at people. This made me realize I have a problem and I stopped using SuperPoke.
  3. I live vicariously through tons of other people via their Facebooks, Tweets, and Blogs. I can just sit here and goof off and let them do all of the actual living.
  4. I get emails - tons and tons of emails. Who needs a regular mailbox when they can have an electronic mailbox? Between work and personal email, I can get several hundred a week. I rarely write with a pen and paper and have gotten to the point that I have basic chicken-scratch instead of handwriting.
  5. I watch television on my computer. Yep - years of invention and advancement and I turn it right back into a TV.
  6. I listen to the radio on my computer. Who needs a $10 transistor when you have a $700 laptop you can listen to radio on?
  7. I could read books on it but I'm not going to. I sit in front of a screen all day. I have to have a real book. I have to have at least one thing in my life that doesn't have the possibility of blue screening.
  8. I can Skype but I try not to. I have a telephone. I have no need for people to see me talking to them. I might sneeze or something. I would also have to dress properly when using the phone and I've already used up the energy I would use to look presentable by just motivating myself to make a call in the first place.
  9. I could use instant messenger instead of picking up the phone or shooting out an email. I had it at work for years and thought I couldn't live without it. I don't miss it one bit. If I am buried under work, I can ignore emails and phone calls. I cannot ignore a stupid smiley popping up on top of the UNIX window I am digging through trying to find someones lost invoice.