Happy Independence Day!

Interesting Idea - make taking a vacation so hard that no one will actually do it.
I took my first blog vacation on July 6, 2007. I was barely over a month into the blog and I had to recharge. Since then, I've done it several times. It usually happens around holidays. During these little vacations I try to not open the laptop at all. I also avoid Facebook and Twitter on my phone. It's a technological purging of sorts. It reminds me of a time where none of this was even around. I call that time "the eighties".
Some people take it a step further - according to a CBC show I listen to via podcast called Spark (the website is a mess right now for some reason), there are some people who actually direct all of their incoming emails to the trash during these sabbaticals from the connected world. Details here and here.
I'm not to that level yet. I don't want to disappoint all my spammers.
Would I rather go back to that way of living? The music was better in 1985 but I would hate to give up the gadgets and only have the Atari. All of this can get quite distracting but the positives far outnumber the negatives if you keep it all in perspective - hence the need for down time every so often.
So, right now begins the blog and Facebook vacation until Monday. Once I get back home tonight from the airport, I will also be on Twitter vacation (I have to have something to do in the airport and there is always the potential for good TwitPics while waiting).
Have a wonderful Independence Day. See you next week.