Headin' Home

It's hard to believe. For the first time since March, I have no travel scheduled on the calendar. I go through three stages when I have extended travel periods.. At first the travel was annoying, then for the middle part you get in the groove and always have a bag packed (like Wolf Blitzer). Finally, you just get worn out. Even being gone just three days puts you behind at the house (the grass keeps growing and stuff keeps breaking no matter if you are there or not). The whirlwind in and out trips are so short that you never get comfortable in one place. I keep looking for streets I turned on last week in Richmond while I am here in Miami. It all jumbles together.

Thousands and thousands of Hampton Inn points and airline miles and thousands of miles driven in just over four months. Went to the ocean numerous times. Lots of fast food eaten.

It's all done for now. I need a break.