Just a quick note before I give up for the night. Try as I might to write here and put on a positive spin for Steve McNair, I continue to question myself for doing so.

Like with Michael Jackson (but not really to the same extreme - he raises the weirdness bar for all that follow), McNair has exited and left us scratching our heads. It's natural to celebrate the way he played and the many charities he worked with but it is impossible to gloss over the personal mess he has left behind.

He's found with his girlfriend. She was just arrested two nights ago for DUI with him in the car. They are both on the registration for the car she is driving. He's with this woman and yet he is still married. He leaves behind four sons that get an unfortunate lasting life lesson.

Is it fair to rate celebrities and athletes on their personal lives?

No one is perfect. But where do we draw the line? Is it fair to expect public people to live a more upstanding personal life, especially when they have the power to influence so many? Should we all just recognize that the public life they are living is no different than the job we go to every day?

In this house, people on TV or the movies or the sports field will have no amount of influence greater than us (the parental units). But still, it is just troubling. Is it that there are just no heroes left or have we become a society where the hero image is impossible - thanks to the internet and the media there is no hiding the bad. It's all out there for everyone to see.

It's funny to be so caught in the middle on my thoughts on this. I guess it would just be nice to have some unblemished people out there leading public lives.