Steve McNair

I already broke my no Twitter weekend so I might as well break my no Blogger weekend. The death of former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair is a huge shock. Unfortunately, the more I hear on the local news, the more shady and weird this thing gets.

Aside from the personal ups and downs he may have been experiencing, you heard plenty of good things about him in town. He did a lot of charity work and a lot of volunteer work. He just opened a restaurant in one of the poorer areas of town that is trying to come back to life and he was in there even waiting on customers and cleaning tables daily.

He was an incredible player - seemingly unstoppable. He had a monster passion for the game. Being a winner was more important than whatever injury he might have had. He was dangerous as a passer and as a runner. He was just months older than me and still had "it" up until his retirement last year. I complain about my knees and here is this guy tearing it up every weekend.

I got to see him play live at the stadium many times - mostly with my dad. These are great memories regardless of what happened today.