Walter Cronkite

I remember when Walter Cronkite was on the CBS Evening News due to the fact that the evening news was on in my house every night growing up and no supper was served until it was over. Also, I can remember my mother feeling that CBS had shafted Walter Cronkite by forcing him into retirement so they could move Dan Rather into the spot. We watched CBS until Walter's last day and after that we only watched the NBC Nightly News! It was sort of like the Letterman-Leno deal.

I learned a lot about him when I read his book "A Reporter's Life" years ago. He was an fascinating person. I would say his passing is a loss for television journalism but television journalism is on life support anyway. Everyone favors the yelling and finger pointing that is so prevalent - especially on the cable networks. It's a shame. The big 3 (CBS/ABC/NBC) are the last homes for anything approaching real news and they slip more all the time.

Honest journalism? Telling the whole story and the facts behind it? That's the way it was. Good night, Mr. Cronkite.

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