- 30 -

There they go - the last two totes of product picked in our Nashville operation.

It's odd to stop what you are doing to watch totes roll down a belt and probably a bit weird to capture it on film.

To me, it's much more than two old blue totes. I have long been proud of our Nashville operation and I've learned quite a lot there. I am still processing the fact that tomorrow begins the take down and one day in the not so distant future I will be locking the doors on an empty building.

But, much worse will be no longer seeing many of the people I've seen pretty much daily since 2001. I am lucky job-wise - I am so far unaffected by all of this. I have many responsibilities outside of our local building (which is probably obvious due to all the travel I talk about on here).

Tomorrow will be bittersweet. It is our farewell dinner. Boxes will be packed. Goodbyes will be said.

It will be a tough day.