And, we're back

I've been under the weather for the past couple of days. I got hold of some stomach bug Sunday (I did wonder about H1N1 at first. The propaganda got hold of me.) and then I couldn't get my blood sugar regulated (I've had hypoglycemia bouts since I was 5. My mother has this also. Thanks Mom!) so I drug through Monday. It took me until supper tonight to feel like I was back at 100%. Ugh. I hate getting sick since it takes me forever to build my energy back up. If you "sugar it up" to get back on track, you crash. There is no winning. The bad thing was that I had just bragged to my mom about how I had regulated it perfectly for at least the last 8 months. Never say that stuff out loud!!

We did get to two movies Saturday - "(500) Days of Summer" and "Julie and Julia". I'm working on posting my thoughts on those. (I originally thought I felt bad Saturday night due to all the popcorn and crap I ate Saturday. I was proven wrong - the hard way! Sadly, I had no Chicness Bags.)

In other news, I ordered the Sony Reader (model PRS-505) today on the eBAY and I put my white Asus EEE netbook up for sale on there. One toy in - one toy out - that's my personal rule. It will arrive next week and it is partially an early birthday gift from my mother (Thanks Mom! This makes up for the hypoglycemia!!) I was thinking of holding out for one of the new models or even the Kindle but the deal was too good to pass up.

The kids are well. No one here has H1N1 yet, so that's a good thing. I have to go back to Florida for work next Friday. It's going to be a short trip but probably long hours. Hmmmm. My office here closes Friday of this week. It's going to be weird starting to pack things up.

Over and out for now.