The library had a summer reading program this year and the goal was to win a fair midway pass and admission. Sara made it and saved us about $25. The bad thing is that the passes are only good on Thursday night! So, we crammed as much into 4 and a half hours as we could.
The odd, corn loving, rotating monkeys
The peace-loving bee

The angry farm animal

The post-rain rainbow

This is part of the Big Aerial Show which is the best fair stunt show I have seen.

Since I have a weird fear of heights, I could barely watch this. I was freaked out just sitting there.
Dude. You're killing me.
He has plenty of reasons to smile. We keep him in business.
Here is Ronald and his top customer for the years 1975 until present. (I ate peas and "real food" until I was 2. McDonalds turned me into a man - a pudgy man.)
One final spin on the carousel and we were off! We'll be dragging tomorrow but it was fun and it's amazing how big this fair is getting. Nintendo had a huge area set up for Wii Sports Resort and Ford Motors is the top sponsor. They are expecting around 500,000 people in all this year. We're getting big time!