My thoughts on "Funny People"

The kids were off doing other stuff last night, so we caught "Funny People".

As most of the reviewers have done, we can divide this movie into two parts. Part one is "Comedian finds out he is sick". Part one is the best Adam Sandler performance I have seen. Wow. And Seth Rogen does a great job as the faithful paid companion though he does not show the same level of depth as Sandler does. I tell you - you may not believe it - but Adam Sandler may get a best actor nomination out of this. I was quite impressed. And, if he gets this nomination, it is because the Oscar people only watched part one.

If the movie stopped after part one, it would be close to perfect. But, part two is "I am healed but I I will still be a jerk until I destroy a few more lives. You see, Adam Sandler's character (George) has to nearly derail the life of his ex and her entire family before having the "Hey - I might be a jerk" epiphany at the very very last scene of a 136 minute movie.

Part two pretty much ruins the connection we get with his character in part one.

It is painful to watch. You wonder how many people actually live life in such a constant train wreck. And it is not just George - Seth's character does some shady stuff to his roommate and has an almost girlfriend that sleeps with his other roommate (yet he really is the hero of Part Two).

There is "drama" (the ninth grade self created kind) peppering the entire movie that takes it in a soapy direction when they could have left well enough alone and had a phenomenal movie. There must be someone paid by the studio to screen this stuff that would tell them "Look, this could be Oscar gold if you would drop this, this, and this".

Side note - if obscenities burn your ears, this is not your movie. I haven't heard the F word so many times since I saw "Beverly Hills Cop" in the theater in 1984. I'm not a prude but I even got tired of it. I mean, come on. People really talk like this all day? Hey, people - it's 2009 - the F word is no longer funny. We have the internets. We are far too smart to laugh at just hearing the F word.

In summary, it's worth seeing. Once George is healed, get up and go to the bathroom. You won't miss anything. The mess he is about to cause will disgust you as much as it disgusts Seth's character.