Rainy days and Wednesdays...

Not much to report on this week. I was out in Lavergne today where I wear a groove in the road driving from the huge empty building to the small remaining building and back and forth. There is so much equipment left to be dealt with that it is a tad overwhelming and I am just trying to not think about it now.

I did get my Sony Reader this week and I have a BookArmor case on order (so no travelling with the Reader just yet) . So far, I'm really liking it. I've downloaded about 10 books and I've been playing with the Calibre software and it's amazing how much money you can save on books and other types of content (magazines, newspapers, etc.). I go "in depth" sometime next week with good pics and more. I was concerned that I might be getting on board before all the kinks were out of the ebook thing but I am impressed so far.

Speaking of travel, I am off to Orlando Friday afternoon. I'll be attending inventory there and then heading to Tampa Monday/Tuesday to go through some equipment. I already have a list of to-do's for the trip - lots of PC problems to resolve. Should be a busy trip, which is good because the busier it is, the faster it goes by.

In other fun, the little stomach bug that got me a bit ago seems to have worked through the entire house (except for the dog - luckily). Feeling like crud when it is 95 degrees is a hoot. Watching your 6 year old feel like crud when it is 95 degrees out just plain blows.

Finally, I was reading The New Yorker on my Sony Reader last night and the movie reviewer there seems to just love Funny People and thought (500) Days of Summer completely stunk. It appears that I am not in tune with "the hip" or at least the version of hip that The New Yorker is trying to morph into.