WWPD! (The rally cry and title of my forth-coming self help book)

The forecast is for even more rain today here in Orlando. Our sunny morning appears to be short-lived as the rain is supposed to move in by 11AM or so. As I tweeted yesterday, I arrived on time but my luggage was held hostage by a lightning storm for just under two hours.
The rain and drear puts me in a cruddy mood and I did not sleep well at all last night. I kept running through cruddy thoughts in my cruddy head and woke up at 5AM unable to go back to sleep. It was then and there that I told myself that I needed to follow Patti LaBelle's advice (WWPD? What would Patti do?) and have a new attitude for the rest of the trip. So far, so good. I hate getting stuck in these ruts and I've really been in one for the past few weeks.

Everyone at the house has been sick (including me) plus the closing happening at work among other things has made for a lousy few weeks. I need to harness the energy to brighten up and stop letting it get me down.

That's my goal. Patti and I will start working toward that goal immediately. I will embrace today's rain and will jump in puddles.