Christmas Decorating = Done

It seems like I worked non-stop all holiday weekend. Wednesday night, the tree went up - with ornaments. Thursday was a small break but I can't remember any actual rest. I did all my Black Friday shopping online at 2AM so Friday this years was all about the decorations (I confess that I did make two midday trips to Big Lots and Radion Shack) and going through the "6 Totes of Christmas" which meant deciding what to display and what to leave packed up (Sentimental but out of style) and what to give to the thrift store so someone else can junk up their holiday.

I ended up with a car full for the thrift store. This is a good thing. We finally went through all the kitchen cabinets also and pulled out all the extra mugs, glasses, and silverware. It's part of the 6 month rule that reigns here - if it is not used in 6 months, it is gone. And, why should we just keep things we never use when someone could need it? Since we really cut back on the clutter this year, the thrift store has made off quite well.

Saturday was the outside of the house. It was almost 70 degrees here which is unusual. I tested all the lights and still a part over the highest point of the garage went out which is typical. This added even more time but after 6 hours of work, it was all wired up and finished. All the totes were back in the attic and we are done decorating for the holidays. Now, we just maintain and try not to think about the effort it will take to pack it all back up again in a month.