Fall Festival Night (and pictures I will pull out on prom night)

Yes, it was the Fall Festival thingy up at the elementary school. It's the one time each year when I take a wad of 1 dollar bills and blow them so the teachers will actually have enough money to buy paper and other things you'd think our tax money would pay for when we're actually too busy funding pork projects but that is another subject for another time.

This is "Minnow Races". Guess how you make your minnow win? You repeatedly pop it in the fish butt with a popsicle stick. The kids should pay strong attention to this since it closely resembles life in the American Work Force (for the lucky 89.5% of us still employed).

In the next two pictures, look at how Lindsay reacts to getting her hair spray colored. She begs me to let her do this and then reacts like she is getting sprayed by a flame thrower.

Sara has a slightly less dramatic reaction. This reminds me of the face my grandmother always made when taking medicine.

The finished results:

Sara looks like a real nut in this one. I will hold this out for some really big bribe.

Finally, another picture of the weird dog inflatable.