An appreciation: The House Foundation

Top Row (l-r) Mike Bohan, Gerry House, Al Voecks
Bottom Row (l-r) Richard Falklen, Duncan Stewart

There are familiar aspects of the towns we live in that seem like they will never change. These things bring comfort. They are part of who we are. For some, that might be an old theater or a park or maybe a sports team or the old high school.

For me, it has been a radio show.

That show is called The House Foundation and Wednesday morning it sadly changes with the loss of two of the members due to what the some say are budget cuts and others say is just the result of management's desire to see change.

Breaking up a team that has been together for the best part of 29 years seems strange to me especially since they are always #1 or #2 and have won award after award after award.

I guess someone just understands the industry better than I do.

For me and thousands and thousands of others, they've been there through our good times and our bad times and we've all gotten to know them pretty well along the way. They made unbearable mornings bearable. They made us laugh. They made us think. They included us as part of the conversation. That is a rarity on radio that today seems filled with talk show screamers or endless, human-less playlists.

And, once you spend four hours a morning with someone for so long, they become part of an extended sort of family. I many times talked to people about what had happened on the show and was always amazed at how many others were also faithful listeners.

To Al Voecks and Duncan Stewart - thanks for always being there. My mornings won't be the same without you.