And the stones in the road fly out from beneath our wheels

So, I have been slacking on the blog for a while now and that is due to most of my concentration and energy being spent on getting my office closed up. For the last four months I have been going through hundreds of pieces of equipment - dividing up the good and the bad. For the last week I have been working on my last batch of PC's and laptops - trying to get as much good equipment configured and upgraded as possible so these items could find new homes.

It has been a very hectic last few months and a grueling last few weeks. Being even more stressed than usual at Christmas has really been a drag.

I actually set a move out date in mid-November. Then another at the end of November. I finally realized that I will always find one more thing to fix - one more piece of equipment I can build out of two bad pieces. I had to just cut the cord and set a date and stick to it.

So, I finally set December 16th as THE move out date.

Today, I shipped that last batch of PC's and laptops out. Tomorrow, I will move out of my office which at this point barely resembles the picture here. Most everything I am keeping (and there is not much) is now in totes either waiting to be given to my co-worker in Knoxville or waiting to be put in storage in my garage until it is needed. The furniture and the rest will either be assigned to another location and end up with the liquidator.

The good news for me, my family, and the people who I pay bills to is that I am still employed and just moving back to my home office. Of course, I will be back on the road again in January (most likely coming to a town near you at some point in 2010) and I rarely saw my office anyway.

I really had this office organized into a nice lab of sorts and I will miss that. I could work on multiple pieces of equipment at once and I do not have near that kind of room at the house. (I do computer support / repair / training / etc. I never really mention that here.)

But, I'm already formulating a plan to get at least a couple of folding tables so I can create a nice little workspace in our remaining area building. Sometimes you just have to tear some stuff apart.

For now, I'm just going to be glad that the only commute I will have when a problem happens at 5AM is to my desk looking out into the backyard.