Finally Friday

I finally hit the "wall of exhaustion" today. I've been rushing to knock out everything that needs to be done before I move out of my office next Thursday plus there was a meeting here this week plus I am slowly losing my battle against this nagging cold that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

This whole week was a complete blur. We had Lindsay's 7th birthday on Wednesday. I can't say I remember a lot about it. We have her party at the movies tomorrow. I'll try to get some sleep between now and then so I don't snore during the film.

My new inability to sleep is getting downright annoying. I wake up at random times and hardly get back to sleep before the alarm goes off. Maybe I should try to be productive during those times. Maybe I can do some dishes or catch up on all the recorded shows I'm behind on. These are good thoughts I need to keep in mind when I am sitting on the couch in the dark at 3AM like some sort of insomniac zombie.

It sure doesn't feel like Christmas but I am hoping next week will be better. I am a bit ahead of all the move about to happen at work and I am looking forward to settling back in to the home office and stopping the daily commute which adds hours each week. C'mon Thursday!

And that's the way it is - Friday, December 11th, 2009.