Monday Mumblings

It would only be fair if everything in Wal-Mart China was made in America.

I think we're all still exhausted from the weekend and Monday has whizzed on by also. Now it's already time to go to sleep so we can get right back up tomorrow and do it all again.

I have three days left at the office and it's getting a bit hectic trying to get all of the last minute stuff done. I don't want Thursday to turn into a chaotic mess so I am trying to stay ahead of everything. It didn't help that the repair man that showed up to fix a piece of equipment I need to ship brought the wrong part and won't be back until Wednesday. Unfortunately, I didn't have a stun gun with me to give him a good "adjustment zap".

Now our goal is just to stay healthy and get to the end of the week which is the last day of school for the holiday break.