Monday Murmurs

I spent way too much time working today. I decided I was going to install a wiki on our documentation server with the hopes of moving our stuff over to a wiki at the start of the year. Easier said than done! It's not that the wiki install itself was bad - it's that I inherited a server with completely goofed up permissions that took forever to fix.

But, it's up and ready to work on. Half the battle is over. Maybe the rest of the week will not have 12 hour days.

I did learn that Microsoft programmers could use a proofreader today:

I also remembered why the new Walmart logo seems vaguely familiar.

I'm a big fan of Zayre history. It rolls right off the tongue. Zaaaayyyrrreee. My grandmother shopped at the Zayre here quite a lot. It was the ultimate 70's store.

And, as you can tell from this commercial, the Zayre store in 1984 looks a lot like the Kmart stores still do in 2009!!: