What does this song mean? For my whole life I don't know what this song means. "Should old acquaintance be forgot". Does that mean we should forget old acquaintances or does it mean if we happen to forget them we should remember them, which is not possible because we already forgot them?

Of course, Sally responds to Harry with "Well may be it just means that we should remember that we forgot them or something. Anyway, it's about old friends."

Most blogs I read end the year with a big look back at all the things that have made up "the year that was". I've done that in the past also but I'm not going to do much reflecting this year.

2009 was all over the board and for me and, personally, the "downs" outnumbered the "ups".

Dwelling on the changes and the losses of 2009 won't do undo all the downs and it's probably not the most healthy thing to do to dwell on them anyway. The downs were so consuming that the ups went by in a blur. '09 was basically out of control and I felt that I was playing catch up all year - at work and in my personal life. I guess I'm fairly "type A" because the state of chaos we stayed in took quite the toll in the sleep and happiness departments.

2010, though, is looking up. My goals are to make the most of this year, to not to let good opportunities to make good memories slip by, and to let things go when things just seem overwhelming. You can only do so much!

It's funny that we don't really do a whole lot for New Years. It's sort of a non-holiday. It's a good opportunity to stay in and rest up. In fact, we really celebrate at 11PM now since that is the live Eastern time New Years. Watching a tape delay just seems dumb and I've really gotten hooked on the CNN New Years with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper. Kathy typically says something (or some things) that is (are) completely awful and over the top. It's a good way to celebrate watching Anderson Cooper get totally embarrassed.

It almost slipped past me that this was a sort-of milestone New Years since this is the end of a decade. The first big "milestone" New Years I remember is 1979 going into 1980.

We watched Dick Clark (these pics are from CBS footage posted on You Tube) on our floor console Zenith with two big dials and no remote control (Kids today couldn't cope. But, you didn't change channels much with only 4 to choose from!).

1979 to 1980 seemed like a big deal and I really have no idea why. All I knew is that I was getting to stay up really late.

Check out those disco moves!

It ended up that 1980 wasn't much different than 1979. And, 1989 wasn't much different than 1980. The world didn't change a whole lot for those 10 years. But, think of 1990 to 1999 - computers - cell phones - internet - all the TV channels - all in 10 years. 2000 to 2009 has seen technology just take over and there are days where I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing. At least it keeps me employed, so I guess it is a good thing!

And here we start another decade. Will there even be blogs in 2020? If there are and carpal tunnel or arthritis hasn't taken over my fingers, I'll still be here typing away about who knows what.

Happy New Year!