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The sky cleared out so the sun finally came out again and started the big melt.But, the clear sky means that the temperature plummets at night so the ice is sticking around for at least one more morning. We’re getting ready for another night below 15 degrees and school is closed again tomorrow.At least the melting of some of the ice allowed us to make this very small snowman. It’s the first snowman the kids have been able to make here. It’s hard to believe that the last decent snow had been seven years ago. The last really big one happened when I was in college in the dark ages back in 1994!


Some pictures from this morning – after the all night on and off ice. The ice really packed down the snow so we only have about 3 to 4 inches now due to the glaze of ice on top of everything.Buried yard raccoon…Frozen Contour…Everything is shiny and bright! Too bad it will be 7 degrees tonight!

Have Camera - Will Film Snow

I thought I would be documenting a huge snow today since the prediction was for up to 12 inches. That did not happen - at least not yet.

We have two inches so far and I would rather have 10 more to follow instead of the ice that is falling now. I just walked outside into a steady rain like pouring of sleet. The snow now has a glaze on top and everything that was not covered in snow is coated in ice. All I can hope for now is the power staying on. Luckily, we don't have to get out again until Monday for work. I'm thinking there is no way church will happen.

Time to bundle up and hope for the best. I'll attach my YouTube Snow Collection below.

The weather and the writer

It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast. That’s what New York TV Anchor Ernie Anastos told meteorologist Nick Gregory back in September. Of course, Ernie followed that up with one of the weirdest farm animal obscenities I have ever heard. The forecast here is for snow and quite a bit of it. We had the same forecast a couple of weeks ago and got close to nothing. And, just like last time, all of the schools are already closed before snowflake number 1 even hits the ground. You may wonder why this happens over and over in Tennessee. The reality is that very few people can drive in the snow. There are plenty here that have trouble with dry pavement, so snow is especially challenging. If the kids get to school and the snow hits, some kids end up stuck at school for hours and hours since the buses get stuck and the parents get stuck. Traffic instantly gridlocks and your 30 minute commute turns into a 5 hour nightmare.I was here for the last “big one” in 2002. I think we had 8 inches…

2 Podcasts

I travel quite a bit for work and I drive quite a lot. All that time in the car means I could:Flip channels and listen to a lot of ‘swap shop’Bring along the XM radio and go through the bother of messing with itListen to endless podcasts on the ZuneI’ve done quite a bit of #3. So, for tonight, here are two podcasts I’ve started listening to lately.First up, from the CBC: “Wiretap”. The premise is that we are listening in to the host on various phone calls. Some are interviews – some skits – some appear to be oddly random and personal. There are short story readings thrown in depending on the topic. I’m still trying to figure out my true feelings on this one. I find most of the topics interesting. Sometimes the way the host gets “picked at” by his various friends can get a bit annoying – such as his friend upset with him for not keeping up his end of an agreement for them both to get beards and his talk with an ex-girlfriend that kept almost bursting into an argument. Yes – these are s…

School Project

Why Lindsay shouldn't let me help her with her school project:

School Program Night

Let me preface what I am about to write with this: I’m not against school programs and I do support the kids school. However, sitting on bleachers for almost two hours is pure, unbelievable torture. We had dinner at the school and then had to go and sit in the gym for an hour before the program even began! I remember sitting on the bleachers plenty when I was in school since it seems like I didn’t miss a home football or basketball game for years and I never remember the act of just sitting wearing me out. I always thought the knees were the first things to wear out, but I guess it is actually the buttocks.Enjoy the attached video and be thankful that I edited the whole thing down to just over three minutes for your viewing pleasure. Watch it now before the evil corporately controlled zombies at YouTube strip the music out of it because some egomaniac musician doesn’t want me attaching his/her intellectual property to my home movies.

The one where I talk about the rain and share Prince’s new horrible fight song

We’re starting to get used to the yard looking like this. I can’t complain much since there are plenty of people still in a drought. Our drought ended last year and the rain seems to come every 5 days or so.A few weeks ago, we got rain like this and then a 30 degree temperature drop. This caused the actual ground to freeze and you could hear the frozen grass and soil cracking as you walked across it for about a week. That gets old.In honor of the games today, I want to post Prince’s Minnesota Vikings Fight Song here for your listening pleasure. It is horrible. I heard it Friday night on Keith and The Girl. Just picture a team running up onto the field with this playing:You want to hear a better version? Here is the Chipmunks singing it:

Two Farewells

Two farewells in the world of popular culture tonight that oddly share a personal link for me back to September of 1993. Ah, the memories. I was turning 20 and living in Bowling Green, Kentucky attending Western Kentucky University. What a fun, confusing, and surreal time it was.

First, Conan said his goodbye to "The Tonight Show" after only seven months. Conan premiered at "Late Night" on September 13, 1993 and I started watching immediately. A lot of episodes of the show starting out were pretty bad but they finally got comfortable toward the middle of 1994.

The clip here of his actual goodbye was quite moving. So was Neil Young singing "Long May You Run" which would have been a perfect ending. Unfortunately, we got a horrible redneck Will Ferrell version of "Freebird" as a closing act that felt more like a Bruno-style practical joke than a way to end an albeit short tenure at one of the premiere shows on television. It was incredibly weak and …

One last Tonight Show

"There have been three hosts of Late Night and if there's one thing I've learned from Dave and Conan, it's that hosting this show is a one-way ticket to not hosting The Tonight Show.” – Jimmy FallonTonight marks the end of the 7 month run of Conan O’Brien as the host of “The Tonight Show”. Why is this happening? For starts, NBC seems to think that Jay Leno is the most important person at the network. In order to keep him at NBC, they demolished their own prime time schedule by sticking him at 10PM 5 nights a week. Then, when the affiliates all screamed uncle due to the awful effect this decision was having on their 11PM newscasts, they decide that Jay Leno should be moved back to 11:30PM in order to fix what they see as a troubled performance of the “Tonight Show”. This, of course, is just a stupid excuse to keep Jay in the fold and has probably been the behind-the-scenes engineered plan all along.NBC seems to be ignoring the obvious. Let’s not take into account that …

Dare to Diss the Mighty Ford Contour

The crazy people at BusinessWeek magazine decided to declare the Ford Contour a loser in a recent article!

I am saddened, disgusted, and embarrassed. I know that I look totally cool driving down the road in the Contour.

So, in order to counter these horrible lies, I have created a video to let everyone know the true joy that I experience as a Ford Contour driver.

I review things – Windows Live Writer

I really can’t stand the editor in Blogger. I shouldn’t say that since it is free and I have zero right to complain but if you are actually going to update on a regular basis, the limitations are quite annoying. I can never get the formatting right without posting then editing 2 or 3 times. The pictures slide around. There are annoying gaps around anything embedded.Well, all that is fixed with the Windows Live Writer. I downloaded the Windows Live package so I could get Movie Maker on my Windows 7 laptop.Download it here: Windows Live EssentialsOnce you install, you will be able to add several programs. You don’t have to install them all. One caveat – be careful at the end because you will be prompted to make Bing your search provider and change your homepage to MSN. There is always a catch.Choose Windows Live Writer and wow! kaboom! whammo! It is an actual word processor with easy to use features specifically made for posting to blogs.It works with multiple sites (not just Blogger) a…

The Imagined Conversation

(Phone ringing)“Thanks for calling Foot Locker – home of the best prices on Nike Shox. This is Dan”“Dan, it’s me Rob.”“What do you need, Rob? Don’t tell me you another day off for another audition.”“No – I got the callback. That’s why I need Thursday off.”“Now, Rob. We’re having a big sale this weekend on Hyperize and there is a lot of set up to do. I know you’re not here for a career but some of us are and we have to take up the slack when you are out living the dream.”“Come on, Dan. This is big. This is national level. I’ve got a gig at the Auto Show. I’m going to be right up front and there will be press from all over.”“I dunno, Rob.”(long silence)“Dan, I’ll pick you up some freebies – some totes and keychains and stuff – just like I did when I got that spot dressed as a tomato at the No Pesticides Produce Convention.”(more silence)“Dan…this could be my big break.”“O.K. Rob. But, I want some bumper stickers too.”“It’s a deal. Thanks, man.”

Letterman Fun

Well, I was getting tired of the Conan vs. Leno deal until I saw this early post of Dave sticking it to Leno head on.

I am enjoying it just as much as Dave appears to be.


It took right over 5 hours to get home from Atlanta. I also left about 2 hours later than I expected to. So, I hit just a bit of traffic. The drive from Atlanta is just plain exhausting. It’s weird that I used to enjoy driving long distances but now it just wears me out. Anyway, I can’t complain. I made it home. I unpacked. I ate. I got to watch “Chuck”. And, I don’t have any urgent trips on the horizon.In other news, it appears that Conan is going to get a slight mea culpa from Jay tonight: other other news, I am watching too much TV. I’m burnt out on the Jay-Conan deal and just wish they would settle it with a game of laser tag on live TV.I’m just ready for sleep. Maybe I’ll have something creative to write tomorrow.

Dear CNN

Your definition of “breaking news” and my definition of “breaking news” appear to be at odds. Who is winning Golden Globes is not “breaking news”. It barely even qualifies as news.  I thought I had subscribed to a “Breaking News” feed from the Cable NEWS Network and not from Entertainment Weekly or Variety.

If you love a rainy night…

…then Atlanta is the place for you.It is pouring here in Atlanta tonight. It is odd, you may think, for me to be travelling for work on a weekend. I would agree but we are switching over some computer equipment and the best day for this is a day where no production typically happens and unfortunately, the clearest day is Sunday. Fortunately, I work with people that have a good plan in place and things are looking quite good. I like the fact that I feel confident about the change and it is a big one and a better one. So, I am not disappointed to be here because I think it means good things for our company long term.The drive down was a wet and nasty mess. It poured and poured but the Contour got me here in one piece. Don’t doubt the fantastic 1999 engineering.And, I’m about to settle down and get some sleep. And, in even better news, I will be home Monday evening! This is my shortest and most productive trip in years. All good here in Atlanta. Good night!


What a weird week. When we started the week, the big news was Conan vs. Leno. Then, as Haiti collapsed, so did the University of Tennessee football program.
By the end of the week:
NBC appears to have reached an agreement to pay Conan $30,000,000 to leave “The Tonight Show”. I have never been a Leno fan and I was iffy on Conan at first but the more I watch, the more I like. I hope he gets to Fox and helps Dave destroy the new “Tonight Show”. I also hope his first act of freedom will be to guest on Letterman on the first night Jay is back on the “Tonight Show”. The University of Tennessee has signed Derek Dooley from Louisiana Tech to be head football coach. It appears he has more recruiting experience than actual coaching. But, I’ve been to Ruston, Louisiana and I certainly understand why he wants to leave. Haiti is getting its own multi-network, multi-celebrity telethon. Get ready – in just three years, there will be a Dateline NBC dedicated to trying to track down where the money actu…

Goats and Teddy Pendergrass

Tonight, we had the opportunity to take the kids to visit some 5 day old goats. These are the kinds of things you do in Tennessee.

Mama Goat was a tad protective but knows how to pose for the camera.

They look all cute and adorable until they eat your couch.

In other news, I couldn't sleep last night and was listening to some "Coast to Coast AM" when I heard the news of the passing of Teddy Pendergrass. What an incredible singer.

Click this link to hear my favorite Teddy Pendergrass song "Stay with Me". If there is a video for this one, it's nowhere I can find it.

Another great talent gone!

For the record

Sara and Lindsay have this little music night thing coming up at school. So, Sara asked me if I had "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". I said, "Of course. I bought it when it came out."

I think she was expecting me to pull it up on the computer. There were "Ooh's" and "Aah's" as she admired the ancient technology.

This lasted until Sara asked if I could copy that record over to her MP3 player. I do not have the ability to do that. She wondered how we dealt with living in the dark ages. You either dealt with it or copied your records to cassette tapes and listened to them on an overpriced Walkman that ate batteries like kids in Halloween costumes eat candy.

Still hoping for an MP3, Sara then requested "Footloose" and I exclaimed with glee, "Yes! I bought that when it came out also!"

Tuesday: Conan addresses the people of Earth

Another busy day around the home office today but it is finally winding down. I am also at the start of a sinus headache so that's even more unexpected fun. It stinks to feel decent at work all day and then feel like crud at night.

On that note, I will take the easy way out and share Conan's message today that let us all know he would not accept a 12:05AM "Tonight Show". I've been watching Dave and taping Conan and I really think NBC is blowing it here. Conan has really found his groove and it's a shame that NBC/Comcast will throw that all away. But, Comcast is probably on the verge of dismantling the whole thing anyway. It will probably end up being just another superstation when all is said and done.

Also, notice the excellent Conan graphic courtesy of

People of Earth:

In the last few days, I’ve been getting a lot of sympathy calls, and I want to start by making it clear that no one should waste a second feeling sorry for me. For 17 year…


Notice that the title is Monday! not "Monday Monday" or "A Case of the Mondays". Why is rare happiness associated with this Monday in particular?

Yesterday morning, we bottomed out at...

Today, it is above freezing! It has been most of the day and still is even as I write this. Of course, the gutters keep puking ice and the loud noises resemble someone climbing on the roof.

Second, school was in session today! Everyone to the north and east of us wimped out but our schools came through for me before I suffered the first nervous breakdown of the new decade.

Of course, most things are still in various states of freeze. The lake is still iced over and this is enough for the television stations to be repeatedly warning everyone not to try to walk out on the ice. They even had to say that just because the ducks are out there walking around that we should not try it. Hmmm - if a 7 pound duck can walk out there, surely a 190 pound man can!

So, Monday was pretty decent. And, …

Movies: "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past", "The Ugly Truth" and "Paper Heart"

Oh, Redbox - you make it so easy for me to spend a dollar and watch movies I would have never paid full movie ticket price to see. You curse me.

Actually, you cursed me twice this weekend. Unfortunately, I paid 6 whole bucks for this first stinker.

First, "The Ugly Truth". Let me lay this out as simply as possible - it is one of the worst things I have ever sat through. It was painful at times. I'd rather be numbed into a stupor but this was so bad I actually had to get up and walk around the room. 

The story - the acting - all bad. Worst, I felt myself hoping that no one actually thinks like these people think. You can't have buy-in with the characters because she has no common sense and he is an all out egomaniac.

I guess that's all you need for true love.

Worth 25 cents of the 6 dollars my wife insanely spent by renting this on pay-per-view. I am blaming the poor decision making on her post-surgery pain-killers.

Second up, "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past". I …


A couple of videos today to share some of my recent song "rediscoveries" thanks to XM radio.

First up - Rock of Life by Rick Springfield. This one is from the spring of '88 and I have a weird memory that I still associate with this song. I was in 9th grade and we went to downtown Nashville for some sort of school trip. I can't remember what we did - must have been a play or the museum. I do remember it was a rainy day. We're on the bus heading out of downtown and this very skinny and tall black gentleman was walking down the street. He looked like Kid from Kid 'N Play and dressed in the finest pastel colors of the day with white pants. He was a great target for a bus full of freshman. Everyone was waving and hollering and he turned and smiled really big and gave us all the finger.

Yep - that's what I remember from 9th grade and weird stuff like that highlights most of my public school memories. Spanish? Forgot it. Algebra? Gone also. We ate at Quincy'…

NBC's "Late Night" curse continues and a Weather Update

It's appears that NBC's habit of burning each and every host of the show that follows "The Tonight Show" is live and well.

Let's take a look back:

Tom Snyder: Host of "The Tomorrow Show": Dead (O.K. Maybe not NBC's fault directly. Or was it? Hmmm.)

David Letterman : Host of "Late Night with David Letterman". Cheated out of the "Tonight Show" job by NBC and Leno in 1992. Of course, now Jay Leno is fussing about NBC not honoring a contact. Talk about the pot and the kettle. But, Jay always wins. Ask our next contestant.

 Conan O' Brien: Host of "Late Night with Conan O' Brien". NBC seems only concerned about keeping Leno from jumping to Fox or ABC so they will throw Conan right under the bus. Is Conan the best fit at 11:30 against Dave? Well, not yet. I have watched Dave for years but I think Conan is pretty good too. In fact, he's a lot like Dave was in the '80's. He is a bit out there but that is what he…

Snow Day!

A typical Tennessee snow day means you barely get any snow.

So, you have to make the most of what you get.

Even the lawn decorations seemed annoyed.

That's all we got.

But, since Mother Nature knows I need to drive in to Nashville for an 8AM appointment, it is now snowing like all get out. And it is supposed to be 14 degrees with a wind chill of -10 tomorrow morning.

Snow day - fun for kids, lousy for adults.

Snow Cam is Up!

Updated! That's all the snow and school is already out for tomorrow. I guess with the 9 degree low expected tonight, there is a small fear of ice in the morning!

I'll keep the snow cam up just a little longer until dark but I believe we've seen the last of the snowflakes.

Finally, a little snow!

The cam is down now but this was the view: