I review things – Windows Live Writer

I really can’t stand the editor in Blogger. I shouldn’t say that since it is free and I have zero right to complain but if you are actually going to update on a regular basis, the limitations are quite annoying. I can never get the formatting right without posting then editing 2 or 3 times. The pictures slide around. There are annoying gaps around anything embedded.

Well, all that is fixed with the Windows Live Writer. I downloaded the Windows Live package so I could get Movie Maker on my Windows 7 laptop.

Download it here: Windows Live Essentials


Once you install, you will be able to add several programs. You don’t have to install them all. One caveat – be careful at the end because you will be prompted to make Bing your search provider and change your homepage to MSN. There is always a catch.

Choose Windows Live Writer and wow! kaboom! whammo! It is an actual word processor with easy to use features specifically made for posting to blogs.


It works with multiple sites (not just Blogger) and now I’ve installed it on the netbook and my work laptop (for those exciting travel updates).

And, no, I don’t work for Microsoft nor do I receive any $$ through this blog. This has just been a very helpful program and I wanted to share it. So, you now have no excuse. Get out there and start blogging!