If you love a rainy night…

…then Atlanta is the place for you.


It is pouring here in Atlanta tonight. It is odd, you may think, for me to be travelling for work on a weekend. I would agree but we are switching over some computer equipment and the best day for this is a day where no production typically happens and unfortunately, the clearest day is Sunday. Fortunately, I work with people that have a good plan in place and things are looking quite good. I like the fact that I feel confident about the change and it is a big one and a better one. So, I am not disappointed to be here because I think it means good things for our company long term.

The drive down was a wet and nasty mess. It poured and poured but the Contour got me here in one piece. Don’t doubt the fantastic 1999 engineering.

And, I’m about to settle down and get some sleep. And, in even better news, I will be home Monday evening! This is my shortest and most productive trip in years.

All good here in Atlanta. Good night!