Notice that the title is Monday! not "Monday Monday" or "A Case of the Mondays". Why is rare happiness associated with this Monday in particular?

Yesterday morning, we bottomed out at...

Today, it is above freezing! It has been most of the day and still is even as I write this. Of course, the gutters keep puking ice and the loud noises resemble someone climbing on the roof.

Second, school was in session today! Everyone to the north and east of us wimped out but our schools came through for me before I suffered the first nervous breakdown of the new decade.
Of course, most things are still in various states of freeze. The lake is still iced over and this is enough for the television stations to be repeatedly warning everyone not to try to walk out on the ice. They even had to say that just because the ducks are out there walking around that we should not try it. Hmmm - if a 7 pound duck can walk out there, surely a 190 pound man can!

So, Monday was pretty decent. And, I plan to numb my brain with television tonight.
New "How I Met Your Mother" where we might find out the identity of the mother thus causing the show to automatically end which would free up another timeslot Jay Leno can squat in!!
New "Chuck" which gives me 3 hours of new "Chuck" in one week!
New "Big Bang Theory"!
Let's leave on a high note. For those who don't suffer enough seeing my stream of weird pictures on TwitPic, I offer the following re-post from lunch. I was at the Waffle House today and observed a new and exciting use for Waffle House menus - cold weather radiator protection!!