NBC's "Late Night" curse continues and a Weather Update

It's appears that NBC's habit of burning each and every host of the show that follows "The Tonight Show" is live and well.

Let's take a look back:

Tom Snyder: Host of "The Tomorrow Show": Dead (O.K. Maybe not NBC's fault directly. Or was it? Hmmm.)

David Letterman : Host of "Late Night with David Letterman". Cheated out of the "Tonight Show" job by NBC and Leno in 1992. Of course, now Jay Leno is fussing about NBC not honoring a contact. Talk about the pot and the kettle. But, Jay always wins. Ask our next contestant.

 Conan O' Brien: Host of "Late Night with Conan O' Brien". NBC seems only concerned about keeping Leno from jumping to Fox or ABC so they will throw Conan right under the bus. Is Conan the best fit at 11:30 against Dave? Well, not yet. I have watched Dave for years but I think Conan is pretty good too. In fact, he's a lot like Dave was in the '80's. He is a bit out there but that is what he's good at. And, the Conan "Tonight Show" is 10 times better than the "Jay Leno Show" disaster.

NBC needs to get a grip and give him a break. Conan is not the problem here. All kinds of NBC affiliates are complaining that their newscasts are down as much as 50% because of the poor lead in from Leno. Duh - Leno kills the ratings for the news which are the lead in for Conan. Do we not see the relationship here? Conan would be just fine if NBC would clean up its act.

So, other than Conan - who else gets hit by the curse?

Jimmy Fallon: Host of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon". In most scenarios, Jimmy gets pushed back to 1:05 AM or later. The people up all night making the donuts won't notice the difference but this is graveyard infomercial time. Jimmy gets it double because he is actually doing pretty well at 12:35. Why is that? Because of his strong lead in.

What? We just said that Conan is not doing well at 11:30. That's true. Jimmy is getting a lot of the Letterman lead-in. You read it here first. It's because I am like a lot of people who can't figure out what in the world Craig Ferguson is talking about. I automatically flip from Dave to Jimmy as I suspect a lot of others do. Jimmy is a great companion to Dave. It's also a better written show than "The Jay Leno Show" and Conan's "Tonight Show". Yes - there are weird and stupid things (Wheel of Carpet Samples? Yuk.). But, this show is the best bet for leading NBC back into the 11:30 top spot after Letterman retires if NBC would exhibit a little patience and just let Jay go.

That's right, NBC. Let Jay go. That's what you wanted to do in the first place. Quit being gun shy and cut the cord!

Fox has proved they cannot make a late night show work. ABC is OK with Kimmel but why take on the debt of adding Leno at 11:30 when they already make plenty of money and ratings with "Nightline"? I guess time will tell how all of this shakes out. I will be sticking with Letterman and Fallon.

In other news, aside from the warmth of the massive sausage fire in town tonight, it's been extremely cold. Yep - I said massive sausage fire. Make up your own jokes.


But, only enough snow for the kids to create a very spooky looking snowman face on the trampoline.

That's it. Time to put on the Snuggie and warm up in front of the TV.