The Imagined Conversation

(Phone ringing)

“Thanks for calling Foot Locker – home of the best prices on Nike Shox. This is Dan”

“Dan, it’s me Rob.”

“What do you need, Rob? Don’t tell me you another day off for another audition.”

“No – I got the callback. That’s why I need Thursday off.”

“Now, Rob. We’re having a big sale this weekend on Hyperize and there is a lot of set up to do. I know you’re not here for a career but some of us are and we have to take up the slack when you are out living the dream.”

“Come on, Dan. This is big. This is national level. I’ve got a gig at the Auto Show. I’m going to be right up front and there will be press from all over.”

“I dunno, Rob.”

(long silence)

“Dan, I’ll pick you up some freebies – some totes and keychains and stuff – just like I did when I got that spot dressed as a tomato at the No Pesticides Produce Convention.”

(more silence)

“Dan…this could be my big break.”

“O.K. Rob. But, I want some bumper stickers too.”

“It’s a deal. Thanks, man.”