The weather and the writer

It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast. That’s what New York TV Anchor Ernie Anastos told meteorologist Nick Gregory back in September. Of course, Ernie followed that up with one of the weirdest farm animal obscenities I have ever heard.

The forecast here is for snow and quite a bit of it. We had the same forecast a couple of weeks ago and got close to nothing. And, just like last time, all of the schools are already closed before snowflake number 1 even hits the ground. You may wonder why this happens over and over in Tennessee. The reality is that very few people can drive in the snow. There are plenty here that have trouble with dry pavement, so snow is especially challenging. If the kids get to school and the snow hits, some kids end up stuck at school for hours and hours since the buses get stuck and the parents get stuck. Traffic instantly gridlocks and your 30 minute commute turns into a 5 hour nightmare.

I was here for the last “big one” in 2002. I think we had 8 inches. It was insanity. I could not get home because they closed the roads instead of clearing them. It was quite the hoot.

So, whatever happens tomorrow, I will be ready and I will take pictures.


In other news, J.D. Salinger headed off to that great beyond yesterday. Yes, the older I get the more “whiny” “The Catcher in the Rye” sounds to me. I think it is only because I am old and bitter. The 14 year old me “got it”. Above is a scan of my first copy – purchased on February 21, 1988.

It was the book that got me hooked on books. Up until it, I read because I had to. After it, I read because I wanted to. I’m not sure what connected with me or why I read all of Salinger’s other books of short stories after, but I did. The story “Franny” from “Franny and Zooey” is still my favorite. I hope that we will see more writings from him now but I am afraid he did burn them or just didn’t write all these years. I don’t blame him one bit either way.