Two Farewells

Two farewells in the world of popular culture tonight that oddly share a personal link for me back to September of 1993. Ah, the memories. I was turning 20 and living in Bowling Green, Kentucky attending Western Kentucky University. What a fun, confusing, and surreal time it was.

First, Conan said his goodbye to "The Tonight Show" after only seven months. Conan premiered at "Late Night" on September 13, 1993 and I started watching immediately. A lot of episodes of the show starting out were pretty bad but they finally got comfortable toward the middle of 1994.

The clip here of his actual goodbye was quite moving. So was Neil Young singing "Long May You Run" which would have been a perfect ending. Unfortunately, we got a horrible redneck Will Ferrell version of "Freebird" as a closing act that felt more like a Bruno-style practical joke than a way to end an albeit short tenure at one of the premiere shows on television. It was incredibly weak and it showed that Will is getting to the point where he is nothing more than a weak parody of himself.

Second, we said goodbye to Jean Simmons yesterday. She was wonderful as Sarah Brown in the movie version of "Guys and Dolls" from 1955. In September of 1993, I was working with the Warren Central High School Marching Band on a "Guys and Dolls" show. This is one of my favorite movies (it is the only movie I own two DVD copies of) and it will always remind me of a lot of good memories of that time.