A couple of videos today to share some of my recent song "rediscoveries" thanks to XM radio.

First up - Rock of Life by Rick Springfield. This one is from the spring of '88 and I have a weird memory that I still associate with this song. I was in 9th grade and we went to downtown Nashville for some sort of school trip. I can't remember what we did - must have been a play or the museum. I do remember it was a rainy day. We're on the bus heading out of downtown and this very skinny and tall black gentleman was walking down the street. He looked like Kid from Kid 'N Play and dressed in the finest pastel colors of the day with white pants. He was a great target for a bus full of freshman. Everyone was waving and hollering and he turned and smiled really big and gave us all the finger.

Yep - that's what I remember from 9th grade and weird stuff like that highlights most of my public school memories. Spanish? Forgot it. Algebra? Gone also. We ate at Quincy's steakhouse after and had big fat yeast rolls with honey butter (which was the Quincy's specialty).

Why would I associate something so dumb with that song? I assume I brought my Walkman with me and had the cassette single of Rock of Life.

Anyhow, the song has held up quite well. You need to fire it up with headphones. Who knew Rick could rock out like that? The video is typical late 80's weirdness but all the explosions are somewhat cool, I guess. Why there is a guy packing a suitcase and why the woman sitting in her room is not surprised when Rick Springfield jumps in with a guitar is beyond me.

Second up is "Show Me Love" by Robin S. It became a hit in 1993 and I heard it again on XM the other day. It sounds excellent on the Zune. Sounds like a great song for driving really late at night or early early in the morning. I'll give it a shot one day when I have to drive to the airport at 4AM (Nothing is planned yet but it will happen eventually). I have no good story to go with this. I would imagine that I was working at the Taco Bell and just generally goofing off in the summer of '93 when this was out.