Lazy Friday

time passages

I couldn’t think of a better picture to go with today than Al Stewart somehow distorting time and space on the back of the “Time Passages” LP from 1978.

Today was one of those distorted days. I took 3 doses of sinus pills before I dulled the rain-induced sinus headache. I tried the Big Mac Wrap at McDonalds and liked it even though they will probably find remnants of it in bloodwork I have when I am 65.

This was a Friday that didn’t seem like a Friday. There was so much happening this week that yesterday felt like Friday and today felt like punishment. I woke up at 5:30AM and really thought it was Saturday morning and that I could go back to sleep until the cruel 6AM alarm went off.

Tonight, I stuffed myself miserable at Cracker Barrel. I came home and the kids took over the TV and bored me to death. I just fixed cup of coffee #3 for the day and I am going to retire to bed and read an old-fashioned obsolete paperback book.

Now I’m just hoping we don’t get enough snow tonight to make the next two days miserable.