Too much internet

This is the time of year that many give things up for Lent. I don’t follow this practice but it does make you think – what are our priorities and what should be give up or cut back on in order to improve our lives?

For me, that is easily the computer. I spend all day working on the computer and I’ve watched how being “connected” has creeped into all aspects of my life. It has replaced a lot of the time I’ve saved from not watching so much tv and it is always present due to my ever-present Blackberry.

Enough is enough. I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to cut down on the internet/Twitter/Facebook time, as follows:

1) No internet surfing in restaurants. The random Twitpic is OK and necessary to document my exciting life.

2) No internet browsing or Twitter from when we all arrive at home until when the kids go to sleep. I’ve gotten really bad about surfing around the net and accomplishing nada.

3) I’ll still block out some time to write on the blog – especially if sudden inspiration hits. As you can tell from the last two days of inactivity, inspiration is becoming rare. My blog is my outlet. Without it I would probably just walk around Walmart in my pajama pants talking to myself.

Last night was the first night. After dealing with the world of homework and observing a kid vs. kid game of Bingo, I spent some time reading a magazine and listening to the Zune (which has no browser and wireless connectivity is disabled).

It was good.