Brighter Days Ahead


Rarely am I glad to see a weekend end and a new work week begin, but I was ready this time. Being sick is no fun. The crud hit Thursday. Friday was a medicated blur and Saturday wasn’t much better. Sunday I felt better but still over-did it. Today was much better. I’m not 100% yet but I’m getting there.

It’s amazing how hard it is to come back from being sick as you get older. It’s been years since I felt this “yuk” and I believe the last time even involved a trip to the ER. Who would think a little strep and a sinus infection could knock you for a loop? I’m thinking being older and out of shape contributed to this lost weekend.

It did help that I was here all alone again this weekend as the rest of the family went to Ohio on a trip. There was plenty of time for much needed rest and quiet.

But, in addition to being sick, it was one of those dreary and cloudy weekends filled with news that made me reflect. I received sad news of the passing of a former classmate and I spent a part of my Sunday at the funeral home visitation of a good man taken from his family far too soon. Yet, I also learned of another old friend about to be blessed with another addition to her beautiful family. Life indeed goes on and on.

It’s weekends like this that we all have to have once in a while. It puts things in perspective and makes you realize just how lucky you are to be bundled up in your Snuggie in front of the TV, eating your yogurt and taking your horse pill antibiotic and realizing that a brighter day is just around the corner.