Let’s Quarantine This Dump

The only thing more fun that one sick kid is TWO sick kids. Luckily, I get to have that kind of fun since kid #2 is now sick also. I’m so glad I took a vacation day. Every time I take a vacation day something lousy seems to happen. So you have plenty of warning, my full week of vacation starts April 5th. Go ahead and add the apocalypse to your calendar now.

So, what else to share while I am sitting up on sick patrol at 1:49AM?

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ritz


I hit such a home run with my recent purchase of Chocolate Cheerios but the verdict is still out on this new flavor of Ritz. When I bite into a Ritz, my brain expects salt. When it gets sugar instead, my brain is severely disappointed. It’s just too much like eating a cookie. It sort of reminds me of those Christmas cookies you get in tins so not only am I disappointed when I don’t taste salt but I am also disappointed when I remember that it is not December and I am not about to get a present.

Last Call with Carson Daly


If you care about music or popular culture at all, you should be setting the TiVo to grab Last Call with Carson Daly. Yes, Letterman kind of turned the show into a punch line during the Conan mess by repeatedly mentioning that no one knows it is even on but Carson Daly said all that did was give him free publicity that he is grateful for.

What you are missing is the best produced and often most fascinating 30 minutes on TV. He goes to the person or band he is profiling. You see all of the cool places you’ll never be cool enough to go to. You’ll see all the cool people you’re not cool enough to meet. You’ll hear exclusive live performances that you’re not cool enough to find out about.

So, while you might be coating the house in Lysol or unstopping toilets in your own real life, you can at least get a 30 minute escape into the world you might be a part of if you had stopped wearing Members Only jackets at an earlier age and had said “forget this music degree” and defected to the west coast in 1991. You just never know.