The doctor recommended I eat one cup of yogurt when taking my 875 mg amoxicillin pill twice a day. That means 20 cups of yogurt in ten days. I am more concerned about the side effects of the yogurt than I am the side effects from the pills.

Today was slightly better. The Kleenex company is going to make a killing off of me if I don’t stop sneezing soon.

Oh, and winter…please go away. I woke up in the middle of the night and fired up the heat. I can’t remember this (I guess I was in an antibiotic-yogurt-motrin coma) but I do remember letting the dog out at 5:30AM and being stunned by the 33 degree air outside. Also, I heard the word “snow” on the weather tonight. This chance of snow is coming for Monday night. Sure, it won’t accumulate. But, this needs to stop. I’ll gladly mow the lawn if the cold air will just depart for a few months.