Midweek miscellanea

I finally had to give in to the allergies and go to the doctor again. It appears that Zyrtec is no longer working for me. I’ve previously been on Claritin and Allegra, so I am running out of options. I am now on some sort of prescription only deal where I take two pills a day for the next 15 days to see if it works. Also, I am taking the antibiotics and the nose spray. Last but not least was the steroid shot which is supposed to stop the 24 hour a day allergy attack I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to treat with over the counter benadryl.

It’s a good day to check out some pics from the blackberry.

These are Silly Bandz. They are the coolest thing at the elementary school. Sara has been telling me who in her class has them and who doesn’t. She also counts hers like they are money. Kids trade them. It’s just plain weird. They are much cheaper than Atari cartridges were when I was growing up, so I am pleased that she wants something cheap – for now.


This was on the radio today. It’s “Who’s Johnny” by El Debarge. Did we really listen to this stuff in ‘86? It is the theme from the movie Short Circuit. Sure, I was an Atari playing nerd, but I did not like Short Circuit. Dumb. I think this movie just about destroyed the career of Ally Sheedy. I am not going to embed the music video here. It is just too awful. Here is a link if you really want to torture yourself.


This is the tiny vaporizer that I bought to sit beside me as I work, per the suggestion of my doctor. I already have a big one for nighttime. Did I mention I am supposed to avoid working or sitting outdoors for the next 4 days? I’ll really miss mowing – NOT.


Speaking of mowing, here are the masks I am supposed to wear while I mow from now on. There’s nothing more fun than looking like a germ freak nut while you mow.


So, why do I have to wear a mask to mow? Why do allergy medications no longer work here? Why has my white car turned a yellowish-green color?


Notice that 25 is extremely heavy. We’re at 539!!

That’s all I’ve got for today. Gotta go get some Kleenex now.