I almost titled this entry ‘Manic Monday’ but two things prevented that. First, today wasn’t nearly as insane as I expected it to be. Second, I never liked Bananarama the Bangles.

It was my first day back from vacation and though there was even more non-stop work than usual, I must have really rested up for the last week because there was no frustration or fist-waving at the computer screen. Not sure how long this new inner peace will last.

Oh, look who is coming back to television..
The TBS thing is sort of a surprise but I find myself watching the TBS reruns more than I would think. And, there is no room on the Big 4 networks for another late night show. Who cares that it is basic cable? Being on the big 4 doesn’t mean what it did 20 years ago. Conan is such ahead of the curve in reminding us that basic cable has the same reach and a lot more profitability than network television. Give it another 20 years and it will all be an equal playing field.  I just wish I could pay for only the channels I want on cable. Knowing that my money helps keep the junk that fills most of those channels running makes me just about ill. I’d drop the whole thing if I there was a good alternative that let me keep the 20 stations we actually watch out of the 150-something that is part of the AT&T Uverse “Destroy your mind” package.

But, back to Conan – I’m looking forward to seeing what he does on TBS. I don’t normally stay up that late since I start working at 6AM, but I will DVR it.  I think the new show premieres in November. I hope November doesn’t get here too fast. I’ve had about all the winter I can take.

That’s it for Monday. No new Chuck tonight but we do have a new Big Bang Theory. Then it will be time to collapse and wait to see what Tuesday brings.