Popular Music

I think there is a point where popular top 40 music on the radio starts to escape your grasp. I slowly feel that happening with me. I keep trying to stay current because of my kids but it is tough. There are so many times I want to turn the channel back to the comfort of 70’s on 7 or 80’s on 8. Instead, I endure endless Radio Disney pop and Sirius/XM Hits. I am bombarded with songs that I think hardly classify as music. And, will kids today be listening to this stuff in 30 years on “oldies” stations?

Here is a perfect example. It sounds very promising until the rap begins. I guess it is listenable. It is just annoying. Less rap, more singing please.

I still try to watch Saturday Night Live regardless of the fact it gets less and less funny. That might be because I am becoming a fuddy duddy. Still, this performance from last Saturday by fellow Nashvillian Ke$ha got quite a few nasty comments by bloggers and such. They knocked the glow in the dark. They knocked the singing even though it sounds exactly like the record to me. I’m just wondering how many middle school kids will now refer to themselves as a “lovesick crackhead”. Supposedly Ke$ha writes these songs also. She needs to cut back on the NyQuil while doing so.

The real funny part is how she just kind of stands there and goes through the motions. She is not much of a live performer. This looks more like a glow in the dark mime in slow motion than a performance on SNL to me. She just has no energy.

Don’t even get me going on Justin Bieber and the Black Eyed Peas. And, while I’m at, stay out of my yard!

I am pleasantly surprised by Train having a huge comeback hit. The lead singer is even older than I am! Middle age – represent!!

There is still hope for top 40. I’ll linger around a little longer.