I’m starting to feel normal again. I’m back on the yogurt diet and so far that is helping me in the war against antibiotics. I did sleep past 9AM today and I already feel like going to sleep before 8PM.

We went to the 3-D How to Train Your Dragon movie today. The kids really seemed to enjoy it. The 3-D was pretty cool. I guess 3-D is becoming the new cool. After a while, I hardly noticed the 3-D. The flying parts are so fast paced that it is hard to take in everything you are seeing.


The story was good. I enjoyed it. I was glad that the movie was not just slapped together to take advantage of the special effects. I remember going to see Jaws 3-D back in 1983. It was horrible! All of the hype was the 3-D, which was really crappy with those old 3-D glasses and no special projector.


Now for something completely unrelated…I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of the woman who shipped her adopted child back to Russia on a plane alone. If not, read about it here. Well, we’re mighty proud that she is from right here in Middle Tennessee.

On the news this week, I noticed that the real-life sheriff of that county looks an awful lot like a fictional sheriff you might be familiar with.