Rained Out


This is what one interstate in Nashville looks like tonight. I watched this unfold live on television. These people were all driving in one lane when the water came up out of nowhere. It was completely shocking for me and for the people at the station showing this. Then, a building floated into the road. It was surreal, as was the huge boat water rescue we witnessed on the interstate a little bit later. It’s quite scary. I am amazed so many people were out in such horrible weather.


We did our best to stay in all day. We have quite a bit of flooding here in town also and a lot of roads close. Our house is on a big higher ground and so far, so good. The drainage ditch running in the field behind the house is about 4 times wider than I have ever seen it but we’re thinking it will not get much bigger – even with the 4 to 5 inches we are forecast to get tomorrow on top of the 6 or so we’ve already had today.

More storms are coming too. Arkansas is getting another round of tornadoes tonight. I’m wondering when we are all going to get a break.