Elusive Storm Clouds

This morning we saw about five minutes of the pouring rain that lasted for over an hour just to the west of us.

And, this afternoon it happened again but we weren’t even blessed with five minutes of rain. The drops in this picture are all we were lucky enough to get.


So, instead of Mother Nature doing her part, I ended up watering the flowers and the still growing trees I planted just last year. I dare not skip a day since I’m not sure how everything would hold up to the microwave we seem to live in here lately.

Today was crazy-busy. There are lots of different projects going on all at the same time and the questions seem to come in back to back and over each other. Sometimes I just about mix up who I am talking to about what. Keeping track of it all wears you out to the point that your amazed what you actually did accomplish and then you completely lose track of time. I’m surprised that it is only 6:45 PM as I type this since it feels more like 9PM.

Yeah for Friday tomorrow. I need a Friday.