Today, I went home. Considering that home is only an hour away, you might think I would go there pretty often. Between the kids busy social schedule and the fact that they wear me out, this is not the case. Weekends have turned into endless series of birthday parties and nap attempts.

I worked at my old desk today so I could be in town for the memorial service for Amy this afternoon. I saw a lot of people there that I had not seen in years – many former teachers and a few friends from high school. It seems that I mainly see people from “the old days” at sad events like today but I guess that is just part of getting older. It does make you wish you’d realized how fast time was going by way back then because you might have made a bit more of the time you had.

On the way out of town I stopped by the cemetery for a moment to visit the grave of a friend who would have turned 37 today but will be gone 20 years next month. As cliché as it sounds, time certainly does fly.

Sometimes people leave us suddenly and they seem far too young to be gone and you never completely understand why – whether it happened just last week or two decades ago.