How “Animal Crossing” is taking over our lives


Right before Christmas, Game Crazy ran a special where two different Wii games were $14.99. One was Wii Music and the other was Animal Crossing:City Folk. We bought them both. Wii Music bored the kids fast. For a while, our Animal Crossing was only played a little. We were curious about the game and amazed at all the stuff in it but the kids were also a tad intimidated by all the stuff in it and didn’t have time to sit down and really figure it out.

Fast forward to summer and me encouraging my youngest – Lindsay – to give it another shot. Now, most of our free time in the evening centers around us watching Lindsay play this game. We even take turns playing the game. I don’t think we’ve watched actual television in a week. Lindsay plays her hour of Animal Crossing and then we all go to bed. (Before you think to yourself, “These lazy bums”: We do actually get out of the house. We’re not just sitting in front of video games all of the time. In fact, we’re probably out too much. Just look at my Foursquare account for proof.)

Animal Crossing is a simulation game that is a lot like real life in these ways:

  • You earn money by doing different jobs or tasks
  • You have a mortgage to pay off (and when you do, you expand your house and take out another mortgage!)
  • You have to maintain friendships or the other animals will leave your little town because they feel ignored
  • You can drink lots and lots of coffee – just like I do in real life

It is a lot more enjoyable than real life in these ways:

  • You earn money by doing fun stuff like fishing or catching bugs in your net (not by having to actually do real work!)
  • Your mortgage is easy to pay off because you earn hundreds of dollars for bugs and fish
  • Your friends don’t expect you to help them move or call you to ask your opinion of why they can’t sustain a successful relationship (and this is a conversation that leaves no winners)
  • In the game, you don’t have to consider the health of your bowels when consuming those gallons of coffee

This game is a winner. It is so much of a winner that I bought a used DS copy at Gamestop and just bought a Gamecube off of eBay that comes with the older version of Animal Crossing. It’s fun and parent approved. No one gets shot. The creditors don’t call when your Animal Crossing mortgage is late. And, one of the “gifts” in the game is a urinal – a urinal that is always shiny and you’ll never have to poor Sizzle in it to get rid of that pesky urine buildup!!

Now, head on out to Gamestop and buy your own used copy and get yourself that virtual urinal today. You’ll be glad you did.