Music Flashback: 1988

Are we supposed to be nostalgic for the music we listened to back in high school? A local radio station here has a weekly Saturday morning show where music from a chosen year is played for four hours each week. I could barely sit through 1988 this morning. I knew we were in a drought for decent music back then but I sure didn’t remember it being as bad as it was. In order to push all of the terrible songs I heard out of my brain this morning, here are a few videos of some of my favorite songs from 1988.

If you love Australian bands and mullets, you’ll be in heaven watching this. It’s also the only time I’ve even seen someone hold a sax upside down on their shoulder (2:35). I would expect spit to be leaking out all over. Not cool.

There is no video on this one – just music. It’s Bruce Hornsby and The Range. Just close your eyes and visualize a mullet.

I’ve always liked the ‘driving in autumn’ part of this video. I always think of that when I hear this song.

The original video for Orange Crush is so odd that I am posting a 2005 live version in its place.

This is a live performance from The Cure on MTV in 1989. The Cure is one of the bands from this time period that I still really like. I don’t think I appreciated how good they were at the time.

If there is ever a bio-pic about The Cure, I think Robert Pattinson would be a perfect Robert Smith.