Music Tuesday

I heard “Bluer Than Blue” recently and for a second thought it was a cover by Michael Bublé. It’s actually the original from 1978 by Michael Johnson. I had no idea there was a video for this.

There are quite a few vocal similarities at times between these guys. I expect Michael Bublé to see this entry and cover this song any day now.

Play this Michael Bublé video and make your direct comparison. Also enjoy seeing the most extravagant grocery store music video every made and try to help me figure out why I always think he is saying “one half’s timing and the other half’s sluck” at 1:19. I need to figure out what sluck is and where I can get some of it.

In other Tuesday news, I worked a bit late tonight but it was worth it since I am off until Monday! I can already feel the stomach knot loosening.