The return of the pool

Every year I say that I am not going to mess with another one of those do-it-yourself pools. And, every year I feel guilty that the kids are burning up and don’t have an oversized bowl of water to jump in so I end up putting up one of those do-it-yourself pools.


I got two years out of the last one but it was time to move on. This one is a bit smaller but it will do.


Inflating that ring is a workout. It says ‘easy set’ on the box but my aching back disagrees.


Time to figure out what chemicals I have and see how long I can keep this thing from turning into a swamp. Also, it is slightly tilted due to the huge slope in the backyard. We’ll keep it up until the yard slope wins and it starts to fall over. Then we’ll drain it, move it, and try it again.


Of course, now that I have put up a pool, there will most likely be an unseasonal cold spell just like last summer.

At least the pain of keeping the pool maintained always makes me start looking forward to autumn.