Wednesday brought news that saddens all of us crazy enough to be Vanderbilt University Football fans. Coach Bobby Johnson – the coach that brought the only winning season Vandy has had since 1982 – the coach that led Vanderbilt to victory in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee – is retiring. When you are a Vandy fan, you obviously love the underdog and every win is like a bowl game win. To say Vandy has had a drought would be an incredible understatement. Vandy is just a tad mismatched in the Southeastern Conference but I guess they are there to stay. It won’t be the same without Coach Johnson but we’ll grit our teeth and keep our fingers crossed this season just like we always do.


Yesterday I finally got enough time to plant my latest “Charlie Brown special” from Walmart. At the end of the planting season, all the trees and shrubs go on clearance.


Yes, I expect Snoopy to bring the gang over and start decorating it with ornaments and tinsel at any moment.

I keep reminding myself that just last year these two looked exactly the same way:

old trees

These were also $9 specials. It’s taken a lot of work and a lot of watering and they appear to be thriving now.

The storm a couple of nights ago gave us right at three inches of rain. This was enough to almost collapse the teetering pool so I also had to drain it completely and shore it up. It is now refilled and on level ground. It looks great and I think we’ll get a few good weeks out of it between rain storms before fall starts making an appearance.

So, between work and my nightly chore list, things have been pretty hectic around here. I would say I am looking forward to the weekend but I am not sure how many birthday parties I have to drive the kids to. Also, I’m afraid to ask.